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LED Light Therapy Mask by Neo Elegance

We only use the best. Neo Elegance was among the first companies in the UK to offer customers the chance to harness the power of LED light therapy in their own homes – for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin.

  • LED light therapy mask £50

    Our award winning Illumination LED Face Mask has quite literally set the beauty industry alight.

    Celebrities including Hollywood actress Jessica Alba, who tweeted herself wearing an LED face mask- have been quick to embrace this technology which is innovative, non-invasive and completely safe. The mask is comfortable, painless and incorporates galvanic probes and oxygen infusion.

    The LED mask uses four modes to improve different skin concerns:

    Mode 1 – Anti-ageing

    Helps to reduce fine lines, improves blood circulation, improves skin tone and textures.

    Mode 2 – Anti-bacterial

    Reduces acne, prevents future breakouts, regulates sebum production, calms redness.

    Mode 3 – Skin rejuvenation

    Targets multiple skin conditions and uses the benefits of all wavelengths in one 20 minute session.

    Mode 4 – Galvanic

    Deep cleansing and skin toning

    To add any mask to a facial treatment, there will be an additional cost of £15.

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P. acnes is the bacteria that causes acne, and it is known to produce a large amount of porphyrins within the bacterial cell.

These porphyrins can be photosensitized with blue light to create an oxygen molecule. P. acnesis an anaerobic bacteria, which means it can not live in the presence of oxygen.

So when P. acnes is in the presence of blue light these porphyrins create an oxygen molecule, which ends up killing the P. acnes bacteria.

Blue light has powerful anti-bacterial properties that decongest and purify acne and problem skin and help to normalize oil production. Blue light also promotes calming and relaxation.

What is LED Light Therapy?2019-01-06T21:37:40+00:00

LED light will activate the skin’s photoreceptors and allows the skin cells to absorb its energy. In treatments, the LED works penetrate the skin to treat issues from the inside out.

LED light therapy works in the deep layers of the skin to inhibit bacteria formation, stimulate collagen and reduce in ammation.

The different wavelengths will combat di erent issues and the practitioner will tailor the treatment to suit the client, making it excellent as everyone is, therefore, a client! No skin care on earth can penetrate as deeply as LED, and it is a non-invasive procedure!

LED light therapy has been thoroughly tested, evaluated and validated by hundreds of universities, medical labs and NASA. LED light therapy is a new and emerging therapy in the beauty industry that uses the natural healing power of light. Exposing light to the skin surface activates the skins photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation and stimulates the production of collagen among other processes.

The LED face mask treatment works on the skin at the cellular level, targeting a variety of skin issues – acne, ageing and pigmentation. Transforming the skin from the inside out.

LED Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy

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